After The Assault I Don’t Feel Safe In My Own Home

September 13th, 2012 was a beautiful sunny day.  I woke up early and heard the weather forecast which was calling for clear skies and temperatures in the mid 90’s. I had planned to cut the grass in the backyard and needed to start early.  Working in the yard is not a chore for me.  It’s something I love to do.  I started at 9 AM and already is was really hot.  I was soaking wet before long.  At 9:30 AM a man pulled in to my driveway and started waving to me, like I was supposed to know him.  I politely told him I was sorry but had never met him.  He came through my double gate, which was secure, and rushed me.  He began assaulting me in my backyard, his hands up my shirt grabbing at my breasts.  I kept telling him I was an old lady.  He kept on saying “But you’re still hot baby.”  He was looking for an address on my street, but seemed to be lost.  I told him I’d get the telephone book and bring it outside so he could look up the address.  Little did I know, he was right behind me and began assaulting me inside the house.  He was behind me, and reached around to get up under my shirt.  He was guiding me down the hallway.  I kept telling him my son was living with me but it seemed he didn’t believe me.  By this time this man and I were in my bedroom, I was still bending over with both my arms crossed trying to  protect myself.  Finally my son woke up and could hear what was going on.  In a very loud voice my son said “It’s time for you to hit the bricks and get out of this house now.”  In just a second I turned to my right and the man was gone.  He ran out through my bedroom sliders so fast.  He vanished.  I called 911 and the Police were here in less that 10 minutes.  The Police and undercover detectives were here most of the afternoon.  I was so tired.

To this day the man has not been arrested.  I don’t like being in the yard very much anymore.  I check the doors and windows at least once an hour making sure everything is locked.

I live in the City limits on a very busy street.  Neighbors were interviewed and they didn’t see anything.

If my son were not living with me, no telling what that man had in store for me.

I used to smile and say hey to anyone I made eye contact with.  It’s the “Southern Way.”  Not anymore.  I’m different, and I don’t like the “new me.”  The “Boogie Man” could be right around the corner.

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