Beginning In April 2008 To November 2010 My Life Savings Vanished


In March 2006 after my Dad died my step-brother and I received a very nice inheritance.  We both left our money invested with Citi Smith Barney.  In addition to that I inherited their home and my step-brother inherited a lot next door.

Dad wanted to die at home, and so he did.  We hired Nurses from a reputable company and Dad’s needs were such that we needed them here 24/7.  Hospice was in the house too, and so was I. I moved in with Dad when he was “end stage.”One day the dryer just quit, so I called an Appliance Repair Company.  When I called I explained our “special circumstances” and as it turned out the technician I spoke to lived within 3 miles of us and said on his way home he would come here first.  He knew we just needed the hose replaced.  I was still in the process of moving in with Dad and the technician saw my moving boxes. He asked if I was moving in or out.  He kind of flirted and I probably did too.  After fixing the dryer we made small talk, and he asked if I had a computer.  He wanted to download an Instant Messenger so we could IM each other. It was very fast, but he seemed awfully nice, a Southern Gentleman for sure.

So we did start using the IM and exchanging emails. He was stopping by almost everyday; he was courting me.  Big Time.

Then the day came when Dad died.  No more nurses, no more visits from the Pastor, I was suddenly “HOME ALONE.”

Rick and I just fit.  He would be here when my Broker would call and he over heard some of my business.  The next thing I knew he was taking care of me.  I broke my foot and injured my back.  He was a great caregiver.  He took me to all my doctors’ appointments, he grocery shopped and fixed anything I needed.  I would slip a 50 in his shirt pocket or a 100 dollar bill to show my appreciation.

As we got closer he would come in all sad faced and I would ask him what was wrong, that kind of thing.  He always needed money.  I was generous to a fault.  Not just with Rick, but I helped friends who couldn’t pay their electric bill or needed tires, whatever.

About 6 to 8 months before the “crash” Rick wanted to open his own shop and asked me to loan him money to start this new business from the ground up.  When all was said and done I loaned him 20K.

Then the “crash.”  Suddenly I don’t hear from Rick nor do I see him.  No phone calls, no emails, nothing.  We were together for 5 years, and I just couldn’t believe how fast he “disappeared.”  Once my other friends found out I was “broke” they disappeared too.  And made no attempt to pay me the money they owed me.

To this day it still hurts.  It’s been a difficult lesson to learn.  I’m not social in any way. I do have my email buddies and I’ve kept in touch with Classmates.  That’s it.  I have a Wall up and keep very busy at home.  My son moved in with me over a year ago, and I love him being here.  He’s a Chef, and he prepares all the meals, and I have put on some weight, but why worry.

I actually like being single.  I do get lonely from time to time, but I get over it!


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